Frequently asked questions

Q : What is the difference between a brush and a rubber flap in a draught strip?
A : A brush sealing allows natural ventilation while a rubber flap draught sealing entirely seals of the gap.

The advantages of brush sealing strips versus rubber sealing strips are :
A draughtstrip with brushsealing is sustainable and saves energy. Wear and tear on a brush is minimal and that provides a long lifetime of the brushsealing.

A draughtstrip with brushsealing stops draught but allows natural ventilation, while a draughtstrip with rubber seal entirely seals of a gap.

The flexible fibres in the brush from your draughtstrip follows uneven floors and therefore always provides maximum sealing.

Little force is needed to open or close a door with brushsealing because of the many little flexible fibres per mm2 that are used in the brush.

Q : Where can I order?
A : Private customers can buy our products at ironmongery shops or DIY.

Construction companies and other professionals can buy our products at the professional trade for construction and industry.
Look at the dealerpage for an address near you or call us at 0031 33 24 777 00 or email us at

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