Fitting instructions indoor letterbox.
The letterboxes are pre drilled. The flap covers the drilling holes.
Screws are included to mount the internal letterbox to the inside of the door at the desired height. Make sure that incoming mail can not damage the frame of the indoor letterbox.

Fitting instructions door draughtstrip.
Draughtstrip with accentstrip to cover screws.
1. Measure the width of the door.
2. Saw the strip on the desired length minus 1 centimeter for the sealingcaps.
3. Mount the draughtstrip with the included screws (behind the cover), place one plastic sealingcap and cut the accentstrip to the required length.
4. Slide the accentstrip in the upperside of the profile. Then place the accentstrip in 1 corner on the bottom and slide a fingernail across the strip till the end of the strip.
5. Finally place the last sealingcap.

All other brushstrips.
Mount the strip with the included screws or double adhesive tape.

A detailed montage instruction is included in every package.
Soon you will find disassembly instructions for a sustainable removal of the product at the end of the lifecycle.

Spring, the pollen season.