The number of years warranty on our draught exclusion and sealing products as mentioned on this website is limited to wear and tear at normal use and installation.


Class 1 sealing
The best sealing on the market. Some products also have a decorative function.
The indoor letterbox is from excellent quality and offers maximum draughtsealing by the flap and brush. A matching draughtstrip with brushsealing is available. Both products are perfectly finished in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic in various colours. Designed by WAACS.
The automatic drop seal in aluminum with rubber sealing provides a hermetic sealing. Available in various colours.

Class 2 sealing
Excellent price / quality rate
Indoor letterplate has a flap and is finished in aluminum or plastic.
Draught strip available with brush or rubber sealing.

Class 3 sealing
Basic / budget draughtsealing The indoor letterbox in plastic or aluminum with 2 brushes but without flap.
Draught strip available with brush or rubber sealing.

Spring, the pollen season.